Video Marketing

Video is a powerful medium that allows businesses to communicate with their audience in a way that no other medium can. Humans have longer attention spans for videos than text.

Despite the undoubtable success of video marketing, many small business owners assume video marketing is only accessible to larger, more established organisations. Small Business Owners sometime believe that the cost, time, and skills needed to  create videos are beyond their reach and so avoid this type of marketing.

A video marketing strategy is much more achievable than you think. 

Video marketing involves creating, and using videos to promote a business and its products or services to their ideal customer. The goal is to keep potential customers engaged with your brand in an entertaining, accessible, and easy to understand  way.

Video is currently the top form of media used in content marketing, far more than blogs or infographics.

So, why is video so effective in marketing?

  • Enhances other marketing strategies
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Improved reach
  • Increases credibility and trust

Developing a video marketing strategy is more involved than some other form of marketing but you’ll be amazed how cost-effective it is.

A quick visit to site will show you how businesses are using video to get their message to their ideal clients. ANYONE can do a tiktok video and, it’s FREE.

However, a polished and professional video to be viewed on your website will cost a little more. See below for our price list.

A professional video can be used on the home page of your website, on the headers of your social media platforms, in social posts or in email marketing campaigns.

Some of the most popular social media platforms are optimised for visual content. TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter offer a perfect opportunity to improve your business’s social reach and increase brand awareness.

Videos are incredibly shareable, and Facebook prioritises original videos in user feeds. Videos therefore have the potential to reach much further than any other kind of advertising post.

Video gives you an excellent opportunity to build trust and credibility with your target audience. Because they’ve seen you on a video, they already feel. like they know you and the client relationship has begun.

We suggest the following types of video

  • Advertisement – a video showcasing your products/services
  • Welcome – a video you send to a client AFTER their first contact with you
  • Thank you – a follow up video to thank a customer for their order
  • Product descriptions – If you sell products on your site you can use video to show a 360 view of the product and include important info
  • Instructional videos/How-To
  • Customer spotlights – interview your clients to help increase their reach
  • Weekly news – Get rid of the text-rich e-newsletter and send a video of the week’s activity instead!
  • Vlogs – Replace/Duplicate SOME of your blogs with vlogs to mix up your content!
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