Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the process by which you use Social Media such as Facebook and Instagram to get in front of more potential customers. Also it is part of how you keep your business in front of existing clients.  Social Media has become massively important since the first site “Six Degrees” was started in just 1999.  Just think, 25 years ago, nobody had a clue what ‘Social Media’ meant.  What will the social landscape be like in another 2 years, never mind another 20?

Part of your SMM strategy should be to identify which media brands are important to you, and to your clients.  There are over 100 Social Media brands available to you – you simply can’t be present on all of them.  But, love it or hate it, SM just isn’t going away.

‘Content Creation’ is king, and a massive worldwide industry has grown up around content. Your content strategy – that is, what do you post, where do you post and when do you post, should be high up on your list of things to do.

But if you’re posting to all this social media, when will you have time to actually run your business, you ask?  Gary Vaynerchuck is considered to be a guru in the SMM space, and he genuinely says you should put out 64 pieces of content EVERY DAY!  There won’t even be time to open up your emails if you’re doing all that.

And this is where we can help.  We work with you to create a Social Media Content Strategy.  We hone in on what is important to you, and what your clients will respond to.  We formulate a strategy that focuses on content that adds value to your reader.  More value –> More Credibility –> More enquiries.

Then, you can decide just how much you want to do, and how much you would like us to do.  Not everyone wants to put out 64 pieces of content a day, but we will help you up your Social Media game.

Social media marketing is an art and can be difficult to navigate. We’ll explain how, when and why to use each platform, which ones are relevant to your industry and how to create engagement, followers and drive traffic back to your website.

So whether you’re looking for a social media strategy document, or a content calendar setting up, or for your whole social media to be managed, we have a solution for you. Contact us today

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