What is a Marketing Consultant?

A Marketing Consultant studies a company, it’s profile and operations in order to understand its marketing needs.  They develop and implement a marketing strategy to fit their client’s budget and objectives

As Freelance Marketing Consultants we work with all our clients to build a comprehensive picture of their business. We need to ensure we don’t just have bits of the jigsaw, so we’re thorough, questioning and probing. It’s all part of the process.

We’ll visit you in your business, whether that means on site or in your office. We need to understand what you do, how and why.

We’ll look at your products/services, understand your sales process, customer care and after-care.

We’ll examine the origination of your inbound leads and how your sales team (or you if you’re a sole trader) create sales opportunities, develop them and close new business

We’ll also do our homework and look at all the historic marketing you’ve done and examine what has yielded results, what hasn’t and most importantly, why.

When we think we’ve gathered all the info we need, we’ll produce a working document showing our findings and our suggestions for how we can add value and assist with change/improvement.

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