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How do I choose a name for my business?

I remember driving through the back streets of Leeds one day. (I would tell you why I was there but I can’t remember – my memory isn’t what it was!)

Along a busy high street, a hairdressers stood out among the crowd of shops and people. The Saturday shoppers walked with their heads down focusing on their destination. They missed this gem. Or perhaps they ignored it as they’d seen it many times before.

The beige signage with brown writing announced the name of the hairdressers as “Curl Up N Dye”

The name of that shop has stayed with me for years. It wasn’t bright colours or an impressive, expensive-looking salon that drew my eyes, it was the name….. Quirky, witty, and most definitely, DIFFERENT.

It has stuck within the filing cabinet of my mind. Impressively creating an indelible memory in the very same way a large brand becomes impossibly unforgettable.

I’ve spent many years spending time with people looking to start up in business. Every single one of them agonising over the name of their new venture.

The name of a business doesn’t have to be witty, intelligent, or quirky for it to survive. There are a million difficult plates to spin for any entrepreneur to succeed in business. Ultimately the name might seem inconsequential but if you get that right, the rest does seem to inevitably follow.

Why is a business name so important?
Quite simply it’s about identity. It’s hard to portray the personality of any business, but a name can help. Would the name of that salon still be in my mind all these years later if it had simply been called “Sharon’s Salon” NO!

The name of that salon demonstrated to me that the owner was full of fun and made me want to visit, part with my cash, and get my hair “done” by this witty and creative stylist.  Do your customers want to part with their cash when they see your business name?

Now don’t get me wrong, there are times when a simple, uncomplicated name works. Most firms of solicitors and accountants have a one-word name for their business; Ramsdens (Solicitors), Crowther (Accountants). Those names are simple, sturdy, and authoritarian. They should be. They’re businesses we need to trust.

I thought long and hard before I chose the name “Hullabaloo”. I wanted to find a fun name, something that necessitated a pause. How do you pronounce that? What does it mean? I wanted it to convey the purpose behind what I do. We make a NOISE about the businesses we work with.

If you’re unsure what to name your business, talk to us. We’ll dig deep into what you do, why you do it, and what the end game is. We’ll get to know the person behind the business, enabling us to be creative. Together we’ll find the solution that brings YOUR CLIENTS TO YOU.

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